Watch Dogs for Dads

Welcome D.O.G.S.,scrap

Thank you for helping the Watch D.O.G.S.' program stay successful for 10 years at Nance Elementary School.  Our school is safer, friendlier and more focused because of your efforts.  Again, you represent a key ingredient in Nance Elementary excellent school standing. 

Please be aware of the  confidentiality requirement as school volunteers.  As DOGS, you are often involved in sensitive situations that involve student conduct, discipline and academic performance.  As a refresher, here is the official confidentiality requirement we have all agreed to follow:

 Be respectful to students, staff members, and parents by keeping all situations confidential after volunteering as Watch D.O.G.S.  If you are ever concerned about a particular situation please see Mrs. Welch ,  or Ms. Chaney to discuss it. 

We do not want to allow anything to take away from our involvement with the school district.  Therefore, be careful with how you talk about your experiences with our wonderful Nance student body. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Amy Welch
Nance Guidance Counselor