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NISD Art Show winners announced

NISD Art Show winners announced

The artwork of 92 Northwest ISD secondary students received awards at the 23rd annual NISD Art Show. Over 1,000 pieces of art were submitted in this year's event, including two dimensional and three dimensional art forms, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, textiles, metals and paintings.

Wilson Middle School seventh-grader Nolan Goslee ("Fiber Relief Sculpture") and Byron Nelson High School sophomore Taylor Thompson ("Oblivion") won Best in Show for their submissions.

Congratulations to the winners in the following categories, listed below with their teacher and campus. 

Intro to Art: 2D

1st: Skylar Fine, Mrs. Lovern/Medlin

2nd: Kanyapat Jones, Lovern/Medlin

3rd: Holly Windham, Fargo/Wilson

4th: Savannah Maxwell, West/Tidwell

5th: Zoey Cheng, Lovern/Medlin

6th: Iris Cruz, Donaldson/Adams

Intro to Art: 3D

1st: Sophia Garza, Lovern/Medlin

2nd: Alexia Danes, West/Tidwell

3rd: Cayla Farris, Bailey/Pike

4th: Reagan Dreable, Bailey/Pike

5th: Owen Dubbs, Bailey/Pike

6th: Lily Skarupski, Bailey/Pike


Foundations: 2D

1st: Nolan Goslee, Fargo/Wilson

2nd: Annacate Watts, Lovern/Medlin

3rd: Ashlyn Tracy, Donaldson/Adams

4th: Ryann Croshaw, Lovern/Medlin

5th: Najina Said, West/Tidwell

6th: Marisol Kline, Fargo/Wilson


Foundations: 3D

1st: Elizabeth Miller, West/Tidwell

2nd: Lyla Vesce, West/Tidwell


Art I Middle School: 2D

1st: Laksha Meiyappan, Marvin/Medlin

2nd: Zoe Bui, Hughes/Tidwell

3rd: Khailah Trinh, Fryar/Wilson

4th: Rebecca Ramirez, Fryar/Wilson

5th: Sydney Gordon, Marvin/Medlin

6th: Graham, KC, Mediavilla, Morgan, Fryar/Wilson


Art I Middle School: 3D

1st: Jason Dao, Fryar/Wilson

2nd: Christine Nguyen, Hughes/Tidwell

3rd: Madison Morgan, Fryar/Wilson

4th: Illaris Milad, Hughes/Tidwell

5th: Zoe Bul, Hughes/Tidwell

6th: Aaron Forte, Marvin/Medlin


Digital Art

1st: Jason Dao, Fryar/Wilson

2nd: Skylar Tschirgi, Hughes/Tidwell

3rd: Laila Roman, Johnson/Adams

4th: Amber W., Austin/Pike

5th: Abigail Bennikotty, Hughes/Tidwell

6th: Harper Campbell, Fryar/Wilson


Art I High School:2D

1st: Izabela Marojevic, Burns/BNHS

2nd: Izabela Marojevic, Burns/BNHS

3rd: Jayden Faulkner, Byam/EHS

4th: Alivia Craig, Dornai/EHS

5th: McKinley Baker, Dornai/EHS

6th: Landon Florence, Dornai/EHS


Art I HS: 3D

1st: McKinley Baker, Dornai/EHS

2nd: Brienna McCafferly, Davis/Steele

3rd: McKinley Baker, Dornai/EHS

4th: Jacquelyn Garcia, Dorani/EHS

5th: Jaden Platt, Nelson/EHS

6th: Kyle Masterson, Nelson/EHS


Art II: 2D

1st: Eden Johanson, Kelley/NHS

2nd: Ella Nagensgast, Burns/BNHS

3rd: Zaynab S., Smethers, BNHS

4th: Estella Vela, Hale/BNHS

5th: William Maher, Burns/BNHS

6th: Natalie Alves, Smethers/BNHS


Art II: 3D

1st: Launa Jernigan, Dornai/EHS

2nd: Hannah Vos, Bunger/BNHS

3rd: Launa Jernigan, Dornai/EHS

4th: Sylynn Robinson, Nelson/EHS

5th: Mia Carter, Bunger/BNHS

6th: Ayianna Rosado, Bunger/BNHS


Art III: 2D

1st: Sofia Langenbach, Burns/BNHS

2nd: Taylor Thompson, Burns/BNHS

3rd: Macy Cottle, Burns/BNHS

4th: Macy Cottle, Burns/BNHS

5th: Kirsten Young, Burns/BNHS

6th: Joslyn Sifuentes, Hale/EHS


Art III: 3D

1st: Ducle Rodriguez, Bunger/BNHS

2nd: Karla Sanches, Bunger/BNHS

3rd: Pamica Kiwabonga, Nelson/EHS

4th: Mackenzie Harrison, Davis/Steele

5th: Rachel Henry, Bunger/BNHS

6th: Corbin Winward, Bunger/BNHS


Art IV: 2D

1st: Reese L. and Charlotte K., Heffley/BNHS

2nd: Young, Mindefeldt, Ochaa, Heffley/BNHS

3rd: Reese Ladewig, Heffley/BNHS

4th: Erica G., Shaban/NHS

5th: Sam Davis, Shaban/NHS

6th: Nevin Lowe, Byam/EHS


AP Art: 2D

1st: Bishop Braxton, Byam/EHS

2nd: Haleigh Hendrix, Shaban/NHS

3rd: Trinitee Hall, Byam/EHS

4th: Raylei Peters, Byam/EHS

5th: Jeremiah Medlen, Byam/EHS

6th: Kaitlyn Johnson, Byam/EHS


AP Art: 3D

1st: Scarlette Guile, Nelson/EHS

2nd: Hannah Oberbeck, Nelson/EHS

3rd: Scarlette Guile, Nelson/EHS

4th: Hannah Oberbeck, Nelson/EHS

Additional pictures from the event can be found on the district's Flickr account