Arrival/Dismissal Procedures 2017-18


Arrival Procedures

The building officially opens at 7:20 am with adult supervision.  Breakfast is served from 7:20am to 7:35am for students who wish to eat breakfast at school. The cafeteria line stops serving promptly at 7:35 so students need to arrive early enough to ensure plenty of time to eat before walking to classrooms. During early morning arrival time, parents who need to go to a classroom must check in at the office to get a visitor’s sticker.  If you are checking into the office for the first time you will need to present a photo ID. When leaving the building, please remember to stop back in the office to sign out. Teachers are unavailable for conferencing at this time unless prior arrangements have been made between the teacher and parent. Teachers may be reached during conference periods and welcome the opportunity of setting a time to visit regarding your student.


School begins promptly at 7:40am.  Student Drop Off is located at the back of the building. Please realize that our morning car line will be challenging from 7:20-7:40. We highly encourage our car-riders to allow sufficient time to arrive to school on time.  Please note and closely adhere to all morning carpool procedures:

7:20 – 7:40am Back Drop Off  

  • Our school building opens at 7:20 AM

  • Bike riders and walkers should enter through the main entrance.

  • Bus and Day Care students enter through the main entrance.

  • Students arriving by car between 7:20 and 7:40 must drop students off in the back of the school. The back carpool line is not open until 7:20am.

  • When entering the car line in the back of the building, cars are expected to pull all the way forward in lanes. Multiple cars will unload at one time. Please watch for staff members and our student safety patrol directing traffic. Unload students when directed to do so by the staff. Remain at a complete stop until a staff member directs you to pull forward and exit.

  • It is not recommended for a student to arrive before 7:20, however if a student arrives at school before 7:20, they will need to wait in front of the school. Supervision will not be provided.

  • We do ask that drivers remain in their vehicles. If assistance is needed, please wait until a staff member is available to assist.

  • Once students have unloaded, wait to be directed by a staff member to pull forward to exit.

  • On inclement weather days, when traffic is inevitably slower, please plan accordingly and leave at an earlier time than usual.  

7:20 – 7:40am Front Parking Lot Arrival

  • Between 7:20am-7:40am cars may not drop students off in front of the school. You may pull in to park and walk your child to the front doors using the crosswalks.

  • Cars are expected to pull into a parking spot.  Please watch staff members and our student safety patrol directing traffic.

  • The lanes in front of the building are for bus drop-off. Please adhere to bus safety rules when buses are unloading.

  • Staff members are on duty, supervising the front and back carpool lines, from 7:20am -7:40am each morning. Their role is to supervise students on the sidewalk, assist unloading, if needed, and ensure students are only crossing at the crosswalks.

  • Please adhere to safe school zone speed limits and adhere to the school safety zone cell phone policy.

  • Cell phone use is prohibited during carpool.  

  • It is not recommended for a student to arrive before 7:20, however if a student arrives at school before 7:20, they will need to wait in front of the school. Supervision will not be provided.

Thank you for doing all you can to ensure your student arrives to school each and every day on time.  Please contact the Assistant Principal, Cheri Travis ( ) should you have any concerns or questions regarding morning carpool.

Dismissal Procedures

Students are expected to:

  1. Walk to designated pick-up area with a teacher.

  2. Walk in a quiet, single file line to ensure safety.

  3. Walk bikes and scooters while on campus; this policy applies to adults and non-school age children as well.

  4. Cross streets only at designated crosswalks.

  5. Watch, listen and obey the school staff and crossing guards.

  6. Wait for a teacher to walk them to the car if he/she is a car rider and not walk or run into street, lanes, between cars, or parking lot unattended.

  7. Listen carefully for name to be called when their car arrives.   

  8. Students are not to remain on campus after dismissal without adult supervision.

Pick-up ~~ Who? Where?

Car Rider Pick-Up Location:

  • K-5 exit the rear doors from the gym.

  • Anyone picking up a student by car must have a designated car pick up tag from our front office. Any car that comes through the line without the proper tag for identification will be asked to go to the front office to pick up their child. If your car tag is lost or if you need an additional one for any reason, please contact the front office at 817-698-1950.

  • SIBLINGS:  Remain in their grade level lines until the names are called. All siblings gather and exit the gym doors at the same time.

Cars MUST pull all the way forward; please focus on staff members directing traffic and pull forward when motioned to do so; pulling all the way forward allows as many cars as possible to access the proper drop-off location. Cars will be loaded 12 at a time. There are 3 lanes of 4 cars each. Staff members will walk students to their cars.   

Walkers/Bike Riders - Older students are to meet younger siblings by walking to the appropriate area for the youngest sibling and leaving from that location with sibling.  

  • Evening View Walkers: 4th and 5th grade Evening View will walk to the intermediate playground. K-3 Evening View walkers will meet in the Cafeteria and walk to the playground together. At this point, siblings can meet each other. Parents will be allowed to meet students on the playground.  Staff members will escort remaining students to the corner and release them to cross the street.

  • Rising Knoll Walkers: Meet in the Music Room. At this point, siblings can meet each other. Staff members will escort students to the corner and release them to cross the street.

  • Bike/scooter riders:  Meet in the library. Staff members will escort them to the bike racks once buses have left.

Day Care – Students attending day care off campus will meet in the library. Staff members will escort the students to the daycare transportation upon arrival.

If your child is going home in any manner out of the ordinary, you MUST send a note with your child at the beginning of the day.  For the safety of your student, your child will only be released to the authorized adults (documented on registration form). Your child should take the note to his/her teacher first. Your child’s teacher will then send the note to the office so the office staff will know of all transportation changes as well. Request for last-minute pick-up changes will be accepted only until 2:25 pm to ensure proper notification to student and staff. Pickup or schedule change requests should not be left on teacher's voice mail or email. An email may be sent to if there is a change of dismissal plans. If your child does not have a note, he/she will be sent home by the usual means.  Please know that the safety of your child is always our priority.