Generation Texas

Hello Parents,

Generation Texas Week, November 12-16, is a school spirit week during which we all work together to build excitement and awareness for surrounding colleges. For more information and college resources go to

The following are some of the activities we will engage in at Nance:

*College fight songs will be played over the announcements each morning with some basic information given on each;

*Teachers will display “Meet the Teacher” posters outside their classroom doors that list the educational institutions they attended and degrees earned;

*A college bulletin board will be displayed to inform students of the variety of college options Texas offers;

*Student will engage in goal setting activities concerning a career and college of their choice;

*Students and teachers will be encouraged to wear certain colors or that university shirt each day to represent different colleges;

Monday = purple (TCU, Stephen F Austin, Tarleton SU, Louisiana State University, Kansas State)

Tuesday = orange  (University of Texas, Tennessee, Clemson)

Wednesday = maroon (Texas A&M, Texas Southern University)

Thursday = red (Texas Tech, Oklahoma Univ., Texas A&M, Harvard)

Friday = green (Baylor, Oregon, University of North Texas)

This is a great week to really discuss and explore your child’s career and college desires and what it takes to achieve those goals. Thank you for your support.       

Power Up for College