Parent Handbook

Nance Essentials

A Handbook for Parents

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Nance Elementary

701 Tierra Vista Way

Fort Worth, TX 76131

(817) 698-1950

Northwest Independent School District

Our Nance Vision

Learn. Lead. Empower. Serve.

Our Nance Mission

Through positive minds and growing hearts, the students will be empowered to lead and become compassionate global citizens.

Our Nance Motto

                                  Each and Every Learner:

                                 No Exceptions,

                               No Excuses,

                             No Limits!

Nance Eagle Beliefs:

Nance Eagles are respectful, responsible, cooperative, honest, and appreciative of others.

We have high expectations for behavior, as well as for learning. We understand that you want to be informed of your child’s success in all areas.  We will maintain active communication regarding both.   

Take time to review the information in this handbook.

Share pertinent information with your child as well.


7:40am – 3:00pm

The doors open at 7:20am. All students should arrive at school prior to 7:40am. The tardy bell rings exactly at 7:40. Students arriving after the tardy bell will need to come to the front office to pick up a tardy slip to take to their classroom teacher.

*Students should not arrive on campus before 7:20 a.m.

The interior doors are opened at 7:20 when breakfast food service begins.   

Adult Supervision is not provided until 7:20.

Teacher arrival time is 7:15.

Arrival Procedures

The building officially opens at 7:20 am with adult supervision.  Breakfast is served from 7:20am to 7:35am for students who wish to eat breakfast at school. The cafeteria line stops serving promptly at 7:35 so students need to arrive early enough to ensure plenty of time to eat before walking to classrooms. During early morning arrival time, parents who need to go to a classroom must check in at the office to get a visitor’s sticker.  If you are checking into the office for the first time you will need to present a photo ID. When leaving the building, please remember to stop back in the office to sign out. Teachers are unavailable for conferencing at this time unless prior arrangements have been made between the teacher and parent. Teachers may be reached during conference periods and welcome the opportunity of setting a time to visit regarding your student.


School begins promptly at 7:40am.  Student Drop Off is located at the back of the building. Please realize that our morning car line will be challenging from 7:20-7:40. We highly encourage our car-riders to allow sufficient time to arrive to school on time.  Please note and closely adhere to all morning carpool procedures:

7:20 – 7:40am Back Drop Off  

  • Our school building opens at 7:20 AM

  • Bike riders and walkers should enter through the main entrance.

  • Bus and Day Care students enter through the main entrance.

  • Students arriving by car between 7:20 and 7:40 must be dropped off in the back of the school. The back carpool line is not open until 7:20am.

  • When entering the car line in the back of the building, cars are expected to pull all the way forward in lanes. Multiple cars will unload at one time. Please watch for staff members and our student safety patrol directing traffic. Unload students when directed to do so by the staff. Remain at a complete stop until a staff member directs you to pull forward and exit.

  • It is not recommended for a student to arrive before 7:20, however if a student arrives at school before 7:20, they will need to wait in front of the school. Supervision will not be provided.

  • We do ask that drivers remain in their vehicles. If assistance is needed, please wait until a staff member is available to assist.

  • Once students have unloaded, wait to be directed by a staff member to pull forward to exit.

  • On inclement weather days, when traffic is inevitably slower, please plan accordingly and leave at an earlier time than usual.  

7:20 – 7:40am Front Parking Lot Arrival

  • Between 7:20am-7:40am cars may not drop students off in front of the school. You may pull in to park and walk your child to the front doors using the crosswalks.

  • Cars are expected to pull into a parking spot.  Please watch staff members and our student safety patrol directing traffic.

  • The lanes in front of the building are for bus drop-off. Please adhere to bus safety rules when buses are unloading.

  • Staff members are on duty, supervising the front and back carpool lines, from 7:20am -7:40am each morning. Their role is to supervise students on the sidewalk, assist unloading, if needed, and ensure students are only crossing at the crosswalks.

  • Please adhere to safe school zone speed limits and adhere to the school safety zone cell phone policy.

  • Cell phone use is prohibited during carpool.  

  • It is not recommended for a student to arrive before 7:20, however if a student arrives at school before 7:20, they will need to wait in front of the school. Supervision will not be provided.

Thank you for doing all you can to ensure your student arrives to school each and every day on time.  Please contact the Assistant Principal, Cheri Travis ( ) should you have any concerns or questions regarding morning carpool.

Dismissal Procedures

Students are expected to:

  1. Walk to designated pick-up area with a teacher.

  2. Walk in a quiet, single file line to ensure safety.

  3. Walk bikes and scooters while on campus; this policy applies to adults and non-school age children as well.

  4. Cross streets only at designated crosswalks.

  5. Watch, listen and obey the school staff and crossing guards.

  6. Wait for a teacher to walk them to the car if he/she is a car rider and not walk or run into street, lanes, between cars, or parking lot unattended.

  7. Listen carefully for name to be called when their car arrives.   

  8. Students are not to remain on campus after dismissal without adult supervision.

Pick-up ~~ Who? Where?

Car Rider Pick-Up Location:

  • K-5 exit the rear doors from the gym.

  • Anyone picking up a student by car must have a designated car pick up tag from our front office. Any car that comes through the line without the proper tag for identification will be asked to go to the front office to pick up their child. If your car tag is lost or if you need an additional one for any reason, please contact the front office at 817-698-1950.

  • SIBLINGS:  Remain in their grade level lines until the names are called. All siblings gather and exit the gym doors at the same time.

Cars MUST pull all the way forward; please focus on staff members directing traffic and pull forward when motioned to do so; pulling all the way forward allows as many cars as possible to access the proper drop-off location. Cars will be loaded 12 at a time. There are 3 lanes of 4 cars each. Staff members will walk students to their cars.   

Walkers/Bike Riders - Older students are to meet younger siblings by walking to the appropriate area for the youngest sibling and leaving from that location with sibling.  

  • Evening View Walkers: 4th and 5th grade Evening View will walk to the intermediate playground. K-3 Evening View walkers will meet in the Cafeteria and walk to the playground together. At this point, siblings can meet each other. Parents will be allowed to meet students on the playground.  Staff members will escort remaining students to the corner and release them to cross the street.

  • Rising Knoll Walkers: Meet in the Music Room. At this point, siblings can meet each other. Staff members will escort students to the corner and release them to cross the street.

  • Bike/scooter riders:  Meet in the library. Staff members will escort them to the bike racks once buses have left.

Day Care – Students attending day care off campus will meet in the library. Staff members will escort the students to the daycare transportation upon arrival.

If your child is going home in any manner out of the ordinary, you MUST send a note with your child at the beginning of the day.  For the safety of your student, your child will only be released to the authorized adults (documented on registration form). Your child should take the note to his/her teacher first. Your child’s teacher will then send the note to the office so the office staff will know of all transportation changes as well. Request for last-minute pick-up changes will be accepted only until 2:25 pm to ensure proper notification to student and staff. Pickup or schedule change requests should not be left on teacher's voice mail or email. An email may be sent to if there is a change of dismissal plans. If your child does not have a note, he/she will be sent home by the usual means.  Please know that the safety of your child is always our priority.   

To protect our instructional time from interruptions, please leave all drop-off items (including lunches) for your child in the front office and we will deliver to the class or the cafeteria. Parents are allowed to join their child for lunch beginning September 25th (unless your child is celebrating their birthday, then parents may join them for lunch). Just check in at the office and proceed to the cafeteria and enjoy the time. There are parent tables reserved in the cafeteria for any parent joining their child for lunch.

We have district personnel that keep us informed of important regulations regarding crisis situations. In an emergency, we want our students and staff to be well prepared.  We have monthly drills to practice the routines for different types of emergencies, such as fire, lock-down, and severe weather.  You may at times come to the school and see a sign stating we are having a drill.  Your patience during this time is appreciated.  You may drive by and see students lined up outside and/or hear the alarm. This is typical for a fire drill or when any of our fire stations have been accidentally activated.  During very severe weather, no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building.  We have rooms/areas that are designated as Safe.  If dangerous weather is impending, all students will be moved to their assigned safe room or location.  Students will not be released to go home, so please do not come to the school to check your student out during severe weather.  

Fire Drill: This drill is required monthly and helps prepare our students in the event of an actual fire. Most are unannounced and we practice different scenarios, such as a blocked doorway requiring an alternative exit point. The alarm does sound when we have a fire drill.

Drop, Cover, Hold: This drill allows us to practice procedures that students will need to follow in the event of a severe weather event. We move all students to safety zones that are not in close proximity to windows.

Shelter in Place:  This is a drill that we practice so that students know what to do if there is ever an event where we need to minimize  foot traffic and keep students in their classroom. For example, if there is a large water spill, we need to contain it and clean it up before allowing students in the hallways.

Hazmat and Seal: Often this goes along with Shelter in Place. We want all students in the classroom and the teacher seals all entry points and windows with duct tape. If ever there were hazardous chemicals reported in the area, students and teachers need to know to stay in their classroom and seal the doors to preserve the fresh, clean air.

Exterior Lockdown: During this drill, students remain in their classroom but follow normal routines. Safety staff makes sure that all exterior doors are locked and no one may enter the building. (This includes NISD staff and parents.) This drill may occur if there is a nearby threat that could impact safety on campus.

Lockdown: This is a full lockdown. During a lockdown, students are to hide and be silent in their classroom. All classroom doors are to be locked. All exterior doors are locked. No one may enter or exit the building. This includes NISD staff and parents. This drill prepares students for the unlikely event that there is an intruder on campus that poses immediate danger.

In the event of an emergency, forcing school closure, our children will be relocated to a designated safe zone. Parents will be notified where to pick students up.

For the safety of our students and our staff, all exterior doors are to remain locked throughout the school day. Students and staff members are instructed that they MAY NOT open the doors for anyone. If a staff member is allowed to enter the building, they will have the appropriate card key to open the doors. If anyone needs to enter the building they must enter through the front doors.

Regular and punctual attendance is the greatest single factor in school success.  Arriving on time is necessary, allowing valuable instruction to begin without the stress of rushing.  Preferably, students are in their classroom with plenty of time to settle and prepare to have a successful school day.  Being absent unnecessarily from school impairs a student’s opportunity to succeed in studies and also indirectly encourages the development of poor attitudes toward schoolwork and other obligations. A significant part of the learning process occurs in direct instruction from the teacher and the interaction between students and teachers within the classroom. These essential interactions in the classroom in the classroom setting cannot be replicated through make-up assignments. Communications between students, families and school district personnel are important to understanding how attendance plays a role in a student’s overall success. We must all work together for a student to have the best educational experience possible and to take advantage of all of the opportunities available.  

General Information:  

A student’s attendance record encompasses all absences: excused full days or parts of days, as well as, unexcused full days or parts of school days.   

Under Texas Education Code 25.094, a student is in violation of the Compulsory Attendance law if the student accrues excessive unexcused absences for full days or parts of school days.  Tardiness is considered part of the school day.  Leaving school early is also considered part of the school day.  It is the responsibility of the parent to monitor their child’s attendance.  Under Texas Education Code 25.093, a parent is subject to prosecution when his/her child fails to attend school regularly.

Under NISD policy and Texas Education Code 25.092, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the school year.  If your child has unexcused absences for ten percent of school days in a 30-day period (3 days), you will receive a letter requesting a conference with the school attendance officer.  If your child misses ten percent or more school days (18 excused and/or unexcused absences) a required attendance committee meeting may be held at the end of the school year to determine whether your child will be promoted or retained. ALL non-school related absences, except those exemptions allowed by law, are counted toward the 90% requirement and both excused and unexcused are taken into account.

Absence Procedures

Notification of Absences:

When your child is sick (running a fever or is vomiting or has diarrhea) or there is a family emergency and your child must miss school, please call the office to let us know.  This courtesy, however, does not take the place of the required written and signed parent note or email upon your child’s return.  You may email our front office staff.

  • All notes, (parent, healthcare professional, etc.) must be returned within three (3) days of an absence.  Notes submitted after the third day will not be accepted.

  • If after three days, a note is not submitted, the absence will be documented/reported as an unexcused absence.   

  • Please note:  If a student establishes a questionable pattern of absences, the campus attendance committee may also require a physician’s or clinic’s statement of illness after a single day’s absence.  The campus attendance committee may make the decision to no longer accept parent notes if deemed appropriate.


  • Students will be considered tardy if they are not in their classroom when the tardy  bell rings at 7:40am excluding health care visits with proper documentation). Tardies are unexcused and are part of a student’s attendance record.  When a student is tardy, this is recorded as an unexcused absence for part of a school day.    

Late Arrival due to Health Care Visit:

  • If your child arrives at school after 7:40am due to a visit to a healthcare professional, the visit must be supported by a document/note from the health care professional to prevent counting as tardy.  It will be coded as a Medical (M) reason and though it will affect possible perfect attendance for your child, it will not be counted against your child’s attendance for truancy purposes.  This documentation of absence must be submitted within 3 school days of absence to the front office/data clerk.   

Personal Illness:

  • When a student’s absence for personal illness exceeds four (4) successive days, a statement from a physician or health clinic verifying the illness or other condition requiring the student’s extended absence from school is required (note: the school nurse is available to verify an illness on the day of the absence).  

  • If you did not take your child to the doctor, a note from the doctor’s office or clinic stating that you discussed symptoms with them and they advised you to stay home for a certain number of days would be sufficient.  

Leaving School Early

  • In order for a "leave early" to be considered excused, one of the following conditions must be present:

    • Student is checked out to go to a doctor's appointment (a doctor's note verifying the student's appointment must be received within 3 days upon return to school - please note: a sibling's doctor appointment would not excuse the student)

    • Student is sent home by the nurse due to illness

    • Checking a student out to attend a funeral

Absence due to a funeral:  

  • If a student is absent due to attending a funeral, a copy of the funeral program or obituary may be requested upon return to school, in order for that absence to be considered excused.  NISD policy allows up to 3 consecutive days to be excused due to a funeral (allowing 2 days for travel, if needed, and 1 day for the funeral).  If a student is absent more than 3 consecutive days for a funeral, the 4th day and subsequent days will be coded unexcused.

Non-school related trips and vacations

  • We understand there are extenuating family circumstances, such as illness or death in the family, requiring students to be away from school.

  • We strongly discourage students being absent for the purpose of vacations.  

  • Parents should contact Mrs. Travis ( to let the school know in advance, stating the dates and circumstances surrounding the vacation or trip.  Even with this notification, these absences will be considered unexcused.

Make-up work for Planned Absences

  • Students will be able to make up work from any absence. They will have the number of days absent plus 1 day in order to make up their work. The teacher reserves the right to have students complete any graded work within the school day.

Notifying Parents of Unexcused Absences

In an effort to communicate a student's record of all unexcused absences (full days or parts of school days), NISD employs proactive measures such as phone calls and written notifications.   

When a student has accrued 3 unexcused absences within a 30 day period, a letter will be sent home to parents requesting a conference with Mrs. Travis, the assistant principal. Parents will be asked to meet with the assistant principal and complete an attendance contract. If absences continue to persist, the district attendance counselor will be contacted to work with families in order to improve attendance.

The state requires that students attend school a minimum of 90% of the school days. Any student who exceeds this number of meetings is subject to retention. An attendance committee will meet with the parents to determine if the student has mastered the needed skills to be promoted to the next grade level.

The purpose of contacting the parent or guardian that receives a letter is to explain the policy and answer any questions they may have.  The conversation is also documented and any extenuating circumstances are noted.  This communication is shared with the truancy facilitator should absences continue and guides the decision to request truancy citations.    

We hope to work as partners in teaching your child the important life skills of punctuality and attendance.  If you have questions, please talk with your child’s teacher or contact the school office at 817-698-1950.  

Attendance information is also available on NISD’s website.     


Thank you for your support of this important policy.

File:Fidget spinner in blue.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsBringing Toys to School

Games and Toys should not be brought to school. At times there will be an activity, such as Fun Friday or special reward, when students may be allowed to bring games or stuffed animals to school. In these instances teachers will notify parents through note, email, newsletter, or social media. Student storage areas are not locked. Any items brought to school are done so at your own risk. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. That is why it is best to keep these items safe at home.

Fidget spinners are considered toys under most circumstances. If your child requires fidgets or other tools to maintain focus and help them concentrate in class, we support their use. Please contact the assistant principal, Mrs. Travis, to set up an SST meeting to discuss their need and document permission to utilize these tools. She can be reached at Please know that any toy or fidget device brought to school without permission will be confiscated by the teacher. Parents will be contacted by the teacher as well.

  1. Walk quietly, on the right side of the hall.

  2. Face forward.

  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

  4. Be aware of stopping points.

Restroom Procedures  

  1. GO

  2. FLUSH

  3. WASH  

  4. LEAVE



We are proud of our beautiful school!  In order for it to be well-maintained, we ask that everyone work together to help keep it clean and welcoming. Please put paper towels in the trash cans. Our custodians will be grateful as well.

Assembly Procedures

Nance students will:       

1.    Enter and exit quietly

2.    Sit cross-legged, on pockets  

  1. Hands in lap.

  2. Show respectful audience behavior

  3. Participate and celebrate

Breakfast Guidelines

  • Breakfast service begins at 7:20 and closes promptly at 7:40. Students arriving at or after 7:35 for breakfast, will be given a “To Go Breakfast” that they can eat in their classroom to not miss instruction.

  • Enter the cafeteria quietly and select your breakfast.

  • Sit at a designated table.

  • Eat your breakfast and clean up your items before joining your class.

  • All regular cafeteria procedures should be followed.  

We want students to enjoy conversations with friends during breakfast and lunch.  It is an expectation that

all students use appropriate table manners and pick up after themselves while in the cafeteria. These are life skills that will be addressed and reinforced daily.

               Lunch Procedures

Nance students will:

  • Enter and line-up to exit in an orderly manner

  • Sit appropriately in seats

  • Eat with utensils provided, as appropriate

  • Quietly visit with friends at table

  • Stay seated and use hand signals when needing help

  • Use walking feet at all times

  • Pick up trash on the table and floor before leaving table/area

  • Leave tables and seats clean for next group

  • Wait to put up lunch trays and trash until directed by teacher/adult

  • Line up and walk quietly with your class and wait for directions from a teacher or staff member

A cafeteria tray only table is available for any student with a nut               allergy. Please contact the classroom teacher and Nurse Howerton- if your child has any food allergies. Allergies are documented through the registration process and Mrs. Howerton informs teachers of all allergies. Please be sure that the medical information is correctly and completely filled out.

Be Our Guest

  • We ask that parents wait until September 18 to have lunch with their children. This will allow your child to sit with new friends and learn the cafeteria procedures and expectations with their classmates. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

  • Check in at the office and get a Visitor’s Sticker.

  • If waiting to eat lunch with your child, please wait in the cafeteria so your child can easily locate you.

  • Since this is a special time for you and your child, we have reserved a “guest” table especially for parents to have lunch with their children.  To avoid hurt feelings of others and awkward situations regarding food brought in for you or your child, we ask that other students not be asked or chosen to join you.   

  • The Texas Department of Agriculture does not permit parents to bring food at lunch time for any other child other than their own.  Please help us monitor this guideline from the state.

  • Parents are always welcome.

  • In order to maintain an optimal learning environment throughout our school, at the end your student’s lunchtime, visitors will be asked to exit the cafeteria and go straight to the office. If parents need to enter the main part of the building (any area outside of the cafeteria), they will need to re-enter through the front office and sign in using the computer system.  

We follow the state guidelines regarding regulations and  allowable foods at school.

  • Campus and PTA organizations may not sell any food product at any time during the school day with the exception of special days such as Field Day.

  • Parents may put restrictions on and add money to their child’s lunch account. The cafeteria manager will adhere to these restrictions strictly. (For example, a student may only purchase a snack on Friday or a student may not have dairy products)

Birthday Celebrations

Student birthdays are acknowledged and celebrated in a variety of ways at Nance.  

The following is in place for any student celebrating a birthday.

  • Birthdays will be announced during morning announcements and will be asked to come to get a birthday surprise from the office.

  • Parents may make a $10 donation to the Nance Library to honor their child for their birthday.  The student may come to the Library to choose a favorite book already housed in the Library and receive a special birthday sticker with the child’s name to place inside the favorite book chosen.  The donation will be used to purchase new books for our campus library.

Students issuing invitations to individual birthday parties or other celebrations may only do so at school before the school day begins or after the school day ends. It is highly encouraged that invitations passed out on school property include all students in the class.  

Deliveries from parents or grandparents of floral arrangements, balloons, cookie grams, etc. are discouraged; if sent,  they will be delivered at the end of the day or the student will be notified to come to the office on his/her way out of school to pick up the delivery. Due to allergies, absolutely no latex balloons are allowed.

If a parent would like to bring birthday treats to school, teachers will hand them out during the last 10 minutes of the school day. Any treats brought to school must be STORE PURCHASED and INCLUDE A COMPLETE LIST OF INGREDIENTS. The treats must be inspected by the nurse in order to insure safety for our students with severe allergies. Treats that do not meet this criteria will not be passed out in class. They will be returned home. This is NOT a birthday party. Please refrain from bringing goodie bags and drinks. All birthday treats must be pre-portioned (cupcakes, cookies, popsicles, etc.) Please do not bring cakes, cookie cakes, or ice cream that must be sliced or served.

Playground Expectations

  • Have fun with your friends

  • Be SAFE - Follow rules at all times  

  • Be a good sport and a good friend

  • Be respectful to all teachers/staff on duty  

  • Go to the teachers on duty if there is a problem

  • Be respectful of learners in the classroom

  • All playground equipment must be used properly as intended

  • Remain outside unless you have permission to go in the building  No tackling or rough play  

  • Wood chips and rocks should remain on the ground and in the play area

  • Play in designated areas only

  • Walk on sidewalks and avoid muddy areas

  • If cones are on the playground they are there for a reason, please use caution if approaching an area with a cone

  • Line up quickly and orderly when requested to do so

For safety reasons- Appropriate play shoes should be worn to school for outdoor recess.  Our play area is covered with wood chips to provide additional cushion but creates an uneven walking surface.   

We strongly discourage wearing flip-flops for outdoor play.

If a health condition or an injury prohibits your child from participating in physical activity, please send

Nurse Howerton the doctor’s note regarding release from activities.


Students will not have outdoor recess on days when the temperature reaches 94° (at the time they would be outside) or when the heat index is 100 degrees or greater OR when an actual red ozone warning has been issued in Tarrant County.  When there is an actual orange ozone warning in Tarrant County, time spent outside will be restricted to half its normal length. During the winter months all students should come prepared for outdoor play with coat, gloves, scarf, etc. to be appropriately dressed for the weather.  The temperature would have to be very cold, (below 40° or 32° wind-chill) before students would not be allowed to enjoy their recess time, even though that time may be reduced.  

It is very important to us that Nance students have a safe playing environment; therefore, we require that teachers on duty actively monitor the playground. In order to maintain a high level of safety, visitors and siblings are not allowed to attend recess.  

Field Trip Procedures

  1. Follow directions of adults. Stay with the group.

  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  3. Use appropriate bus/audience procedures.

  4. Participate appropriately.

  5. Be courteous and respectful.

Because you place your child in our care every day and we take that responsibility very seriously, it is the policy in NISD that all employees and volunteers pass a Background Check.  

Therefore, any person that volunteers in our school, helps supervise students while on field trips or otherwise is in direct contact with our students, must have a background check on file.  

We appreciate and welcome volunteers on our campus.  To maintain an optimum learning environment, we ask that preschool age children not accompany you on campus while you are volunteering during normal instructional days. Preschool age children are welcome during party days, Field Day, and Eagle Dash, however they may not participate in Field Day events. Teachers will be more than happy to send things home with your child so that you can help from home. This expectation does not apply to events/activities held after school or weekends. If you need assistance with completing the background check, just drop by the office and we will assist you or from your home computer, go to the Northwest ISD Home Page  to complete the volunteer background check. You may find that page here:

We understand this procedure requires additional time to complete, but please know we appreciate your willingness to volunteer and comply with the above policy.  All parents who would like to attend a field trip as a chaperone must also follow these procedures.

A Background check must be completed EVERY school year.

(Even if you completed one the previous school year)              

Guidelines for Chaperones

  • Chaperones are required to have a current background check.

  • Expected to keep a watchful eye on students at all times.

  • Chaperones are to remain with students at all times

  • Chaperones are not allowed to bring siblings or other children

  • Chaperones will refrain from purchasing items from gift shops and/or concession. Any student behavior issues should be directed to the teacher/administrator present. (*There should be no physical contact by the chaperone to a student in order to handle a discipline problem)

Here are our District Dress Code Requirements:

1.        Shall project a positive image.

2.        Shall not disrupt, interfere with, disturb, or detract from an environment conducive to learning.

3.        Shall not create a health or other hazard to the student’s safety or the safety of others.

4.        Shall not display or refer casually or indirectly to alcohol or alcoholic products, drugs or drug paraphernalia, tobacco or tobacco products, profanity, violent, offensive or anything referring to sexuality.

5.      Shall not wear caps, hats, headgear, bandanas, sweatbands, sunglasses, or any other distracting accessories when students are inside school buildings.

6.        Shall wear shoes or sandals at all times. (House shoes are not considered proper footwear for school.)


Students shall wear appropriate shoes for physical education and recess every day. For the purposes of P.E.or recess: a) It is preferred that the student wear these shoes all day to avoid having to have two pairs of shoes at school. b) If students wear other shoes, they must not have metal tips or wheels. c) For safety, sandals must have a strap on the heel.

7.        Shall not have inappropriate hairstyles that cause a disruption.

8.       Shall not include sagging pants, trousers, or shorts that cause an abnormal gait or reveal underwear (must be worn at normal waist level). Pants must fit properly and must fit at the waist. Pants may not be oversized. Pants need to be properly hemmed or cuffed. Students may be required to use an accessory, provided by campus, to ensure that pants are worn at normal waist level.

9.        Shall wear dresses, jumpers,  skirts, or shorts, which must be mid-thigh in length or longer. When appropriate, students’ jumpers or dresses must be worn with shirts or blouses underneath.

10. Shall not wear the following without appropriate outer or under garments that meet dress code requirements: revealing apparel such as shirts tied at the waist or that expose the midriff; garments that are torn, ragged or “holey” above mid-thigh; tank tops that are not at least as wide as the shortest side (approximately 2”) of a student ID; spaghetti straps; cut-off T-shirts or clothing revealing shoulders; “low cut” tops; shirts open at the side; fishnet shirts; tube tops; or sheer or see-through clothing of any kind. Proper undergarments must be worn and covered by outer clothing.

11. Shall not wear clothing normally considered pajamas are not acceptable school attire including house shoes.

12. Shall not wear chains (including those attached to pants or billfolds), cords, ropes, or others items which could be used as weapons or are deemed a safety or health hazard.

*For more details refer to NISD Student Handbook.


PLEASE label your child’s jacket, coat, scarf, gloves, lunch box, back pack, etc.

For safety concerns, tennis shoes must be worn during physical education class. Flip-Flops will not be worn in P.E.  You will be called to bring shoes to school if your child repeatedly fails to wear proper shoes for P.E.     

*NOTE:  If your child has an extra pair of tennis shoes, keep in backpack to have at school at all times.  This can eliminate a shoe problem on PE days.

*For safety reasons, we discourage students from wearing flip flops on the playground during recess. The district also prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal operations.

Core Values: The character traits that we will focus on each month to learn and practice; Friendship, creativity, gratitude, generosity, commitment, kindness, patience, respect, and honesty

There is a weekly award that is given to classes that have

perfect attendance for an entire week. If a class has perfect

attendance for the week, they will be announced during

Nance Live and receive an award to be displayed the following

week on the outside of the classroom door.

Every grading period, individual students will be recognized for their perfect attendance.  To receive this recognition and award, students must have had no tardies and no absences for the entire grading period.  This includes not missing any parts of days (leaving early). At the end of the year students who have had perfect attendance all year will be recognized. (no absences, no tardies, no leaving early)

Soaring Eagle Award - is to recognize students for their exceptional behavior, attitude, and citizenship that reflects high integrity.  This award is in recognition of those who consistently display these glowing behaviors not only in their class but also in the school community. This recognition is given by the child’s homeroom. The principal will make a personal phone call to the parents of this award winner.

How does a student get a “Soaring Eagle” award?

  • All teachers will explain to the students the expectations for receiving this prestigious “Soaring Eagle” award during the year.  

  • A “Soaring Eagle” exemplifies the Core Values that are being taught throughout morning meetings.  

  • Classroom teachers nominate a student to the principal.     

Golden Eagle Awards

The Golden Eagle Award is given out each 6 weeks during the grade level awards assembly. Each teacher in every grade level chooses one student that exemplifies the Core Value that we are learning about that month. Teachers will read an explanation of why the student was chosen and students will be given a yard sign to take home indicating that a Golden Eagle award recipient lives in the home. This year the Golden Eagle Award will be given out for the following Core Values:

First Six Weeks- Friendship

Second Six Weeks- Creativity

Third Six Weeks- Gratitude

Fourth Six Weeks- Kindness

Fifth Six Weeks- Respect

Sixth Six Weeks- Honesty


Students also have the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work in class. Students will be recognized in their at the end of each six weeks to celebrate the students earning awards. A and AB Honor Roll will only be given to grades 2-5.

  • A Honor Roll

  • AB Honor Roll (this must be a combination of both A’s and B’s)

  • Perfect Attendance (No absences for any part of the day - including tardies)

  • Golden Eagle Award

  • Happy Camper (reading, writing, science, math)

Parents of students receiving the Golden Eagle award and Happy Camper Awards will be contacted prior to the awards. Report cards will be visible online so that you can check for grades and perfect attendance. We would love for you to come celebrate with us.

We welcome visitors!  Upon entering the building, we ask that you first report to the front office area to sign in and receive a visitor’s sticker only with the principal’s prior approval and such visits shall not be permitted if their duration or frequency interferes with the delivery of instruction or disrupts the normal school environment.  We ask that you talk with your child about the importance of helping us care for our building. We are proud of our school and sincerely hope you find time to visit.   

*Cell Phone Use:  Upon entry to the building, we ask that all cell phones be put away.  If you are in the middle of a phone/text conversation, please complete the call before entering the building.  Cell phones can be distracting and private conversations can be overheard.  We appreciate your support of this campus expectation.

*Lunch visitors will be asked to exit the cafeteria and go straight to the front office to check out and exit the building. If parents are remaining on campus to serve as a volunteer,

they will need to re-enter through the front office and sign in using the computer system with the updated reason for being on campus.

Upon conclusion of your visit, you will then return to the front office to sign out. Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time shall be permitted only when prior arrangements have been made with the teacher/administrator.

At Nance Elementary, we celebrate empowered, life-long learners who have high academics, well-developed interpersonal skills, and optimistic attitudes necessary for future success.  Each child’s family plays a vital role in achieving this goal.  We look forward to seeing you and serving you at Nance Elementary!

Main number: 817-698-1950

Clinic Number: Jennifer Howerton ((817) 698-1968

Counselor: Amy Welch (817) 698-1978

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